Paged Comments – Example

I thought I’d put all that comment spam idly awaiting moderation to good use and show you all what this comment paging plugin does. So feel free to page through all you like. 🙂


  1. tanster says:

    This is a test…..

  2. john says:

    Just seeing what this will look like after it posts.

  3. uhmmm says:

    questo e’ un test, se e’ figo, lo installo sul mio blog… 🙂

  4. test says:

    more test

  5. sam says:

    Nice plugin. Great work.

  6. dami says:

    very good

  7. myname says:


  8. dom2 says:

    Thank you. Very usefull plugin. It’s easy to use

  9. Silly Billy says:

    Hi There Does Thios Work

  10. cb says:

    test comment

  11. tester says:


  12. ttttest says:


  13. newsbies says:

    test smillie 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. test says:

    this is a test

  16. tttwwt says:

    lkjhlk hlkj lj lkj lkjh ljh

  17. tes says:


  18. jose salamanca says:

    este ews un comentario especial de prueba

  19. jose salamanca says:

    quisiera saber mas de prueba

  20. Test says:

    This is a test 😉

  21. Rigo Croes says:

    This is a test,

  22. Anonymous says:

    public static void main(String[] args)

  23. Ams says:

    Hm, and where protection from spam? 🙂

  24. pippo says:


  25. asddfssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssd says:


  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Droopy says:

    Just a quick test of a potential guestbook for a site

  28. superxtian says:


  29. aaaaaaaaaa says:


  30. Fabio says:

    Interessante veramente!

  31. Ronald says:


  32. boris says:


  33. asdf says:

    Madam I’m Adam

  34. Martin says:

    hi ho let’s go!

  35. toto says:

    salut de france

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