RSS to PDF Newspaper

Turn web feeds into printable PDFs in the style of a newspaper or magazine.

Full-Text RSS

Transform partial feeds to full-text feeds.

Processing JS: WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin to make it easy for users to include Processing JS sketches into blog posts.

Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

A WordPress plugin to help you feed Facebook excerpts of your blog posts and encourage friends to leave Facebook to read complete posts.

PHP Readability

A PHP port of Arc90’s Readability. Useful for identifying and extracting content from web pages.

HTTP Navigator

Started in 2002, this is a set of PHP classes based on perl’s LWP to make sending HTTP requests and handling HTTP responses easier. Rickey from Mobile Online Style has taken over the bulk of the development but I may contribute from time to time.

The projects below are old and no longer maintained.

Paged Comments

Started in 2005, this WordPress plugin enables comment paging on posts and pages. Since WordPress 2.7, this functionality is now in the core. Although there are still differences and many people prefer the plugin, I would rather focus my time and energy on other projects — if you’d like anything tweaked or upgraded for a newer WordPress releases, please contact me for paid support.

SMS Web Sender

Started in 2002, this is a set of PHP classes to facilitate (free) SMS sending through existing web-based providers. At the time there were many sites offering free SMS and many scripts using SMS Web Sender to automate the sending. In the last few years these types of services have been in decline and the ones that are still running often try to prevent automated processes through the use of CAPTCHAs.

Donate – if you can

If you find any of the code here useful, please consider purchasing (if the application is being sold on or donating. My site carries no advertising and I release most of the code I work on under a free software license. I rely on the generosity of users and developers to allow me to continue developing these project.

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