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The Return of the Public

Dan Hind on ‘serious’ news, from his excellent new book The Return of the Public: When ‘serious’ coverage becomes more unreliable the more important the subject under investigation is, much of the population refuses to take it seriously enough to watch it or to read it. Some of them turn instead to entertainment, celebrity and […]

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Tolstoy on Art and Morality

Tolstoy quote: In all his novels after Bel-Ami … Maupassant evidently submitted to the theory which ruled not only in his circle in Paris, but which now rules everywhere among artists: that for a work of art it is not only unnecessary to have any clear conception of what is right and wrong, but that […]

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Interaction Design and the Corporate World

I’ve been trying to find texts discussing the role of design and the effects of corporate influence on design (particularly interaction design). There doesn’t appear to be very much written on the topic but I did find the following texts: HCI for the Real World (PDF) This paper by Nicholas Knouf looks at the field […]

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Fromm: Social Character and Social Unconscious

More quotes on social character and social unconscious from Erich Fromm’s Beyond the Chains of Illusion: The members of the society and/or the various classes or status groups within it have to behave in such a way as to be able to function in the sense required by the social system. It is the function […]

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Reasons for Studying at University

Quote from Sharon Beder’s This Little Kiddy Went to Market: Annual surveys of students starting university in the US have found that the percentage who say that developing ‘a meaningful philosophy of life’ is very important has been declining — reaching its lowest point (39 per cent) in 2003. This compares with 86 per cent […]

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