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The mask of care and love

John McKnight on the service provider’s mask of care and love: Behind that mask is simply the servicer, his systems, techniques and technologies – a business in need of markets, an economy seeking new growth potential, professionals in need of an income. It is crucial that we understand that this mask of service is not […]

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Freedom in Dependency

Excerpts from Richard Capes’ interview with David Edwards (Medialens co-editor and author of Free to be Human): To work for a corporation is to be part of a system in which power flows strictly from the top down – it’s a totalitarian power structure. That’s the lot of enormous numbers of people in the world. […]

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Listening to Oneself

Erich Fromm extract taken from his book Man for Himself. We listen to every voice and to everybody but not to ourselves. We are constantly exposed to the noise of opinions and ideas hammering at us from everywhere: motion pictures, newspapers, radio, idle chatter. If we had planned intentionally to prevent ourselves from ever listening […]

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Behind the Technical Screen

More from David Noble, again taken from his book Progress Without People, from a section titled Behind the Technical Screen. Much of what he wrote in the 80s and 90s still applies today to all kinds of professionals (not only technical people), including interaction designers (thinking we’ll serve humanity in our professional roles is mostly […]

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Technological Progress

David Noble writing about technological progress in the first industrial revolution, taken from his book Progress Without People: New Technology, Unemployment, and the Message of Resistance: With regard to technological change, [leaders of labour] adopted an official posture of encouragement, accommodation, and acceptance. They were, after all, progressive, and no progressive is against progress. Besides, […]

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