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The mask of care and love

John McKnight on the service provider’s mask of care and love: Behind that mask is simply the servicer, his systems, techniques and technologies – a business in need of markets, an economy seeking new growth potential, professionals in need of an income. It is crucial that we understand that this mask of service is not […]

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Term Extraction in PHP

The new version of the term extraction tool on is now in PHP. Read the blog post explaining what’s new. For anyone looking for a simple way to carry out term extraction on English text using PHP, here’s a snippet using the PHP port of Topia’s Term Extractor: require ‘TermExtractor/TermExtractor.php’; $text = ‘Politics is […]

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Chris Hedges: Assault on Gaza is Not a War, it is Murder

via Jonathan Cook

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PHP DOMDocument replace DOMElement contents with HTML string

This is another StackOverflow answer I’m moving over to my blog. AWinter asked: Using PHP I’m attempting to take an HTML string passed from a WYSIWYG editor and replace the children of an element inside of a preloaded HTML document with the new HTML. So far I’m loading the document identifying the element I want […]

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