Push to Kindle: some stats

Our Push to Kindle service has become quite popular since we launched. Over 25,000 people currently use our Chrome extension, 7,000 use the Firefox extension and over 2,000 have installed our Android app.

I recently decided to check how much of the content processed by our Push to Kindle service comes from corporate news sources. Here’s what I found:

rank domain percentage
#1 nytimes.com 2.62%
#4 guardian.co.uk 1.32%
#15 bbc.co.uk 0.51%
#48 telegraph.co.uk 0.22%
#97 independent.co.uk 0.11%

This is based on data collected over a period of 3 weeks.

I’m glad to see our users do not rely too much on corporate news sources. However, as the main goal of the FiveFilters.org project is to promote independent, non-corporate media, I’ll be thinking about ways to direct people to non-corporate sources of news and analysis in future updates.

For the time being, if a New York Times article is loaded, I’ve added a tab with links to The NYTimes eXaminer (‘An antidote to the “paper of record”‘). Similarly, if an article from The Guardian, BBC or Independent is loaded, users will see a tab with links to Medialens.

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One Comment

  1. Alex says:

    Interesting stats. I used Push to Kindle (PtK) a LOT when I first got it but my Kindle is full of articles I haven’t read yet so I’ve had to stop adding more! My reading rate is far too slow for my curiosity!

    Also, I rarely PtK corporate news as I can easily get that through my smartphone. Instead I use PtK for web articles that are otherwise difficult to get via my phone or for blogs that I happen across and may never return to. For your information, these are almost exclusively technology, science or (mainly) programming related.