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Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack on the Gaza Peace Flotilla

Another excellent alert from Medialens: Headshot – Propaganda, State Religion and the Attack on the Gaza Peace Flotilla. It compares the media reaction to the Israeli killing of activists with the reaction towards the 2007 incident involving British sailors being detained by Iranian forces. …media coverage of the non-violent Iranian capture of 15 British sailors […]

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WordPress Blog to PDF

If you’d like to turn your WordPress blog content into a printable PDF in newspaper format, there’s now a solution for you: Make PDF Newspaper by Martin Hawksey. It makes use of the PDF Newspaper source code. Developing a plugin like this has been on my todo list for the project for a […]

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John Thackara on Design Schools

From an interview with John Thackara on Wodcast (via Guilhem): I don’t think that one should abolish design education, I think one needs skills, we definitely need places and times to reflect and to stand back from reality. It’s just that the way that schools have evolved in the last period is that they tend […]

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UID Design Talks

I spent most of last week in Umeå listening to the design talks and seeing the student exhibition at the Umeå Institute of Design. The students presenting and showcasing their work were from four different programmes: Industrial Design (BA), Advanced Product Design (MA), Transportation Design (MA) and Interaction Design (MA). The invited speakers, Chris Bangle […]

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