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Full-Text RSS: Review in Chinese

I just came across another nice review of the Full-Text RSS service, this time by Ruan YiFeng. It includes instructions for downloading and setting up the source code, an overview of how the content extraction works and what to modify if the extraction isn’t working as you expect on a particular site. If you […]

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Full-Text RSS: Review in French

Philippe Scoffoni has written about the Full-Text RSS service developed for the Five Filters project. If any French readers are interested, see Un logiciel pour compléter les flux RSS tronqués. He gives a nice overview and includes setup instructions. Thanks Philippe!

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Notes from SIDeR

This is mostly for myself – posting links to books and study programmes people mentioned/recommended during the SIDeR conference. Books and Papers Bødker, S., Ehn, P., Kammersgaard, J., Kyng, M., & Sundblad, Y. (1987). A Utopian experience: In G. Bjerknes, P. Ehn, & M. Kyng. (Eds.), Computers and democracy: A Scandinavian challenge (pp. 251–278). Aldershot, […]

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Assignable Curiosity in Design

In my presentation at SIDeR I used a short video clip from Objectified as an example of assignable curiosity in practice, a topic which Jeff Schmidt writes about in his book Disciplined Minds: The more one looks into it, the clearer it becomes that the scientist best suited for harmony in an industrial or governmental […]

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