Boycotting Swedish H&M

From Electronic Intifada:

More than a year ago, several concerned Swedish organizations asked fashion chain H&M about its plans to extend its franchise to Israel. H&M’s management denied the rumors but refused to provide written confirmation. In March, H&M unexpectedly opened a store in Tel Aviv and a second store in Jerusalem’s Malha shopping mall. The mall is built on the Palestinian village of al-Malha which was ethnically cleansed during the 1948 Nakba. In several European cities activists protested H&M’s presence in Israel.

…Solidarity organizations and concerned citizens have sent a clear signal to H&M that they don’t want the company to do business as usual with Israel so long as Palestinians’ rights are not respected.

More updates on the campaign at the H&M don’t buy into the occupation website.

Protest in Sweden:

Protest in France:

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