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Boycotting Swedish H&M

From Electronic Intifada: More than a year ago, several concerned Swedish organizations asked fashion chain H&M about its plans to extend its franchise to Israel. H&M’s management denied the rumors but refused to provide written confirmation. In March, H&M unexpectedly opened a store in Tel Aviv and a second store in Jerusalem’s Malha shopping mall. […]

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Five Filters on ProgrammableWeb

The Five Filters application we created last year at Medialab-Prado’s Interactivos event is today’s mashup of the day on ProgrammableWeb. The project has has had a lot interest, but most of it directed at the tools developed to support this little applet. So it’s nice to see the app that started it all getting a […]

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Interaction Design in the Corporate World: Creating Tame, Captive Designers

I presented my paper today at the Student Interaction Design and Research Conference (SIDeR 2010) at the Umeå Institute of Design (UID) in Sweden. It’s part of my master’s thesis work looking at business influence on design and the effect it has on students and the types of projects we end up working on. Thanks […]

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WizardRSS violates the AGPL

A new site called has emerged which is simply a copy of the full-text RSS service I developed for Unfortunately the authors fail to mention this and even worse violate the AGPL license by not offering users the opportunity to download the source code. I would contact them about this but there’s no […]

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BBC Idiocy

Medialens commenting on BBC director of news Richard Sambrook’s recent move to a public relations company: It seems a natural career move. In 2002 and 2003 Sambrook’s BBC news team spun heaven and earth to lend an air of respectability to one of history’s most brazen campaigns of state-orchestrated lying. The performance was encapsulated perfectly […]

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