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Interaction Design and the Corporate World

I’ve been trying to find texts discussing the role of design and the effects of corporate influence on design (particularly interaction design). There doesn’t appear to be very much written on the topic but I did find the following texts: HCI for the Real World (PDF) This paper by Nicholas Knouf looks at the field […]

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A* Search Fun

This is an experiment in creating randomly connected nodes all trying to upset the A* search algorithm by moving apart as soon as the algorithm finds the shortest path. They don’t always succeed. 🙁 Left click near the nodes to disturb them. Right click (or space bar) to see how the algorithm works. Press ‘c’ […]

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Chomsky in London

Noam Chomsky will be speaking in London on the 27th and 29th of October. Both talks are free to attend but registration is required for the 29th October. On 27 October he will be at SOAS with a talk titled Crises and the Unipolar Moment: It is widely felt that the fall of the Soviet […]

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Fromm: Social Character and Social Unconscious

More quotes on social character and social unconscious from Erich Fromm’s Beyond the Chains of Illusion: The members of the society and/or the various classes or status groups within it have to behave in such a way as to be able to function in the sense required by the social system. It is the function […]

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