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Selecting Stories for your PDF Newspaper

If you want to combine content found on different websites into a single newspaper-style PDF, this post shows you how to do it using and I’ve also included a screencast showing how to use bookmarklets to make the task easier. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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More on Iran

A few days ago I posted links to some articles on Iran. One of them was “Question & Answer on the Iran Crisis” by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD). In “Riding the ‘Green Wave’ at the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Beyond” Edward Herman and David Peterson respond to the CPD’s piece […]

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RSS to PDF Newspaper Update

In March I posted about the RSS to PDF Newspaper service I’d been working on as part of the Five Filters project. The reaction from users has been great. It has been bookmarked over 450 times on delicious, even appearing on the front page for a while as a popular site. It has been featured […]

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Reactions to Iran’s Election

I haven’t posted anything on Iran’s election, so here are a few links that might be useful… Question & Answer on the Iran Crisis Stephen R. Shalom, Thomas Harrison, Joanne Landy and Jesse Lemisch from the Campaign for Peace and Democracy answer questions raised by some on the left about “the legitimacy of and the […]

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