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More Fromm…

Men work together. Thousands Stream into the industrial plants and offices—they come in cars, and subways, in buses, in trains—they work together, according to a rhythm measured by the experts, with methods worked out by experts, not too fast, not too slow, but together; each a part of the whole…. Produce, consume, enjoy together, in […]

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Fromm: Maturity and Mental Health

Erich Fromm, writing about different views on maturity and mental health in his book The Sane Society, has this to say about the popular view in the West: The concept of “maturity” and “mental health” in this view, corresponds to the desirable attitude of a worker or employee in industry or business. To give one […]

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Pixelache 2009 in Helsinki, Finland

The Pixelache team in Helsinki, Finland have posted up videos from this year’s event. ZNet’s Michael Albert was there talking about Participatory Economics (Parecon): Despite the cold outside, it was a nice, interesting event. I spent a few minutes presenting the Five Filters project in the open forum, but best of all, I got to […]

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