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Avrusta Direct Action

Just learnt (via Schnews) about the OFOG network here in Sweden, and its Disarm campaign (Avrusta!). According to the site: Sweden is one the world’s biggest weapons manufacturers. In spite of the small size of our country we are still ninth (2007) on the list of the biggest weapons exporters in the world. Sweden manufactures […]

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Ideological Discipline

Ideology is thought that justifies action, including routine day-to-day activity. It is your ideology that determines your gut reaction to something done… More importantly, your ideology justifies your own actions to yourself. Economics may bring you back to your employer day after day, but it is ideology that makes that activity feel like a reasonable […]

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Course Requirements

Requirements are systems of prescriptions and proscriptions intended solely to limit the physical and intellectual movements of students – to ‘keep them in line, in sequence, in order’, etc. They shift the focus of attention from the learner … to the course. In the process, requirements violate virtually everything we know about learning because they […]

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Greasemonkey + jQuery

It used to be difficult to combine Greasemonkey and jQuery (or any other javascript library). Looking into it again, I came across 3 methods and this comment from Stephan Sokolow: For the record, the newest Greasemonkey versions should now provide a much better alternative to this. See for an example of how to efficiently […]

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