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Chomsky, Marr and the Media

30 minute video of the 1996 interview between Andrew Marr and Noam Chomsky. Still interesting and relevant. Read the transcript and the Media Lens review: Where Egos Dare. You can download a better version from OneBigTorrent.

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Remove Google and Yahoo Ads

Update 2 (2011-01-08): Updated with instructions for Chrome users. Update 1 (2007-01-31): Included a fourth (hosts) method for getting rid of ads. More and more sites are displaying Google (AdSense) or Yahoo (YPN) ads. I thought I’d post up 4 simple ways you can get rid of these ads, and, if like me, you’d still […]

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White Town – Don’t Mention the War

Very late posting this, but it’s about time I pointed you all to the new White Town album: Don’t Mention the War. I’ve been listening to it a lot and it just gets better and better. If you’re new to White Town, listen to tracks from the new album, read a review, an interview with […]

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