Holland Pics

A photo of a windmill in Kinderdijk and a scene in Delft.
Photos from my trip to Holland are up. I spent just under a week cycling from town to town on the country’s wonderful cycleways. It wasn’t as scenic as I’d expected, but that’s partly due to bad planning on my part. I passed through Amsterdam, Haarlem, Noordwijk, Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk (thanks to a friendly Dutch woman I met at the hostel in Rotterdam), Dordrecht and Utrecht. I even managed to join the critical mass action in Amsterdam against the G8.

Finally, lots of thanks to the lovely people I met during my stay: Okke for showing me Amsterdam and putting me up, and Burcu, Cemre, Burcak and Jewel for keeping me company in Utrecht. Tomorrow I leave again to see more of Europe with the lovely Suzi.

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