RSS Feed for Chomsky’s ZNet Blog

I couldn’t find an RSS feed for Chomsky’s ZNet blog, so it’s now being scraped on the site. His previous ZNet blog (Turning the Tide) did have a feed, but it’s no longer updated, so until ZNet start publishing one for the current blog, you can subscribe to my scraped version.

Update (2006-01-28): I’ve just learnt that the official Chomsky site is referring visitors looking for an RSS feed to

We are currently working on a new PHP-programmed design. It will hopefully be more intuitively categorized, easier to navigate, and better interlinked with other related sites. It will also include a way for you to subscribe to get the latest updates. In the meantime, you may syndicate via the RSS feed provided by MyAntiwar.

Update (2006-01-30): ZNet Blogs has been revamped, and it now contains a dedicated Chomsky feed. I’ve updated the MyAntiwar channel to monitor the feed. RSS links: Chomsky’s ZNet blog, (scraped), and ZNet blog (single aggregate feed).

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  1. aruba adil says:

    how can I subscribe for articles and blogs??

  2. Keyvan says:

    Hi Aruba, if you go to you’ll find two links to feeds:



    You should be able to subscribe to these.

  3. aruba says:

    those links are not opening.

  4. Keyvan says:

    They open here, but they’re not intended to be viewed directly in your browser (unless your browser can subscribe to feeds). The idea is you add them to your news reading software – e.g. Google Reader – and then they’ll be monitored for updates. Alternatively, if you simply want email updates, try one of the feed to email services. E.g. or