Projects and Websites

2009-ongoing — Five Filters

The Five Filters project aims to promote independent, non-corporate media with the help of a set of software applications. It started as a proposal to explore the five filters of the propaganda model. It was accepted as one of 9 project to be developed during Interactivos?09 at Medialab Prado. The project is still being actively developed.

2010 — Don’t Look

An installation aiming to highlight some of the negative aspects of ubiquitous computing. Developed during the Ubiquitous Computing course at Chalmers University. Collaboration with Erick Oduor.

2009 — Hydro Status of Now

An attempt to visualise water use and consumption using available data. Developed during Visualizar’09 at Medialab-Prado. Collaboration with Katrin Caspar.

2008 — Library Lookup (discontinued)

An attempt to make finding libraries and checking book availability easier. An experimental Web API was also available.

2008 — Disciplined Minds: Photo Exhibition

I exhibited 3 photos with a group of friends at the Collective 08 exhibition in the Islington Arts Factory, London. The exhibition ran from 12 April to 9 May 2008.

2003 —

A news aggregator project to allow easy access to news from alternative sites. The system currently monitors a number of websites and extracts headlines which are then archived in a searchable database. One reason for starting the project was to offer RSS feeds through the system for sites which didn’t publish their own.

2002 —

A simple portal for anti-war related sites on the web.

1997 — White Town Website

This started as an unofficial fan site in 1997 after I heard Your Woman.